Yoann F - Put Your Hands Up

Yoann F - Put Your Hands Up

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Yoann F - Put Your Hands Up


The Sleights:

Self Switch
"The technique allows you to switch the top card of the deck for the one below it. You can also use it as a control"
A little angle sensitive but it's fun to play with

Self Double
"A double lift using the Self switch"
As the description says, this is the Self Switch used as a double lift. I like this one more than the application as a Switch

One Hand Bottom Double Lift
"As the name implies"
My favourite Sleight from the booklet

Revolver Switch
"Four for Four Switch"
I honestly don't like this switch too much but that might be a matter of taste

TTB Control/Switch

A very visual colour change that can also be used as a control. Will take quite some practice.

The Tricks:

Bruxelles 2.0
"Two chosen cards are lost in the deck. The first selection appears face up in the middle of the face down deck, then it changes visually into the second one"
This one is basically an application for the TTB_Color Change. Quick, visual and to the point.

Spicy Sandwich
"Two Jacks are taken from the deck, and a spectator selects a card. The performer takes both Jacks and makes them turn magically face down, but only for a couple seconds before they instantly morph back to being face up. Suddenly the Jacks trap the spectator's selection between them. The selection is removed and held in the right hand, but suddenly vanishes and jumps back visually between the two Jacks"
This is probably the most difficult trick to perform in the booklet. If you like challenges then this trick is for you.

Follow the White Rabbit
"The four aces morph into a spectators selection, but only for a short time"
Very clever thinking, reminded me a lot of Bill Goodwin's Transpo.

123 321
"The performer plays with the pips of the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs and asks the spectator to choose two cards. They are lost in the deck but then collected between the Three, Two and Ace of Clubs"
Fun trick to do that is very visual. The final revelation of the 2 selections is beautiful.

XxX Transposition
"Transposition effect between two selections"
The trick is as short and to the point as the description

Spinning Triumph
"A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The performer shuffles the deck face up into face down. With only one hand, he puts the deck back in order, except the selection which is the only face down card in the middle of the face up deck"
A nice flourishy Triumph effect and my favourite Trick in the booklet

Nitro Ace
"A four explodes into the four aces"
Another very short trick that is really visual

There are a lot of little gems in the booklet and I really enjoyed reading through it. Pretty much every Sleight and Trick will take you a while to get down as they involve quite some advanced sleight of hand techniques. That's why I would recommend this booklet only to intermediate card magicians.



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