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Unknown Mentalist - Kube Rishi

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 Now updated with a great memory type routine suggested by Marc Paul and also an additional book test routine.
Kube Rishi is a collection of 15 Rubik Cube Mentalism Routines.
The big breakthrough here is that after handing over your Rubik Cube to the audience, you never ever have to touch it again. Ever.
There is a lot of excellent work already in the field of Rubik Cube Magic. Kube Rishi breaks new ground in the mostly under explored territory of Rubik Cube Mentalism.
The basic premise here is NOT solving the cube or MATCHING 2 cubes or VANISHING a cube or PRODUCING a cube. But using the 3x3 cube with its mind boggling 43 billion billion combinations for some unique mentalism routines which provide a memorable and stunning experience to the audience.
From the performer's angle, all the routines are totally automatic and self working.
Unbelievable but absolutely true. No sleight of hand required. No need to memorize any Rubik Cube moves.
This is like a breath of fresh air and a welcome departure from the regular card and coin tricks. You will do a few of these right in your next gig. The audience perception will be something like this - If you can do this with a cube, then mere solving a cube should be infant's play for you.
In this collection there are 6 independent routines, 3 advanced routines, 3 combination routines and a couple of interesting add-on variations.
And a special bonus routine which uses a bold new method - ZEROGRAM
About 15 routines in all. Everything is clearly explained with the help of about 6 exhibits.
Once you know the basic principles, you can create more combinations of routines. And most of the routines given can be done almost immediately after reading the instructions.
There is a one time preparation of an ungimmicked cube which should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Nothing mechanical really. And you need to print out just one sheet of paper. And you are ready to do an entire act. Packs small and plays big. You are ready anytime, anywhere for anyone.
There is one downside to this, however. You may end up being perceived as a psychic freak by the audience.
    "This is a clever combination of principles with a nice twist using a Rubik's Cube. I like the fact that you use the cube to then gain some other information is very good." - Luca Volpe
    "I never would have thought of applying these sort of routines to a Rubiks Cube, What a brilliant idea !!!" - David Burmeister
    "Once again you have come up with some excellent ideas. Just the premise of using a numbered Rubik's Cube to force numbers is really good. Your thinking is sound as most people don't understand how a Rubik's Cube works. I like all of the ideas and can see them fitting well into a numerological type of presentation." - Marc Paul
1st edition 2015, 48 pages.
word count: 8542 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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