Trickshop - JB Bobo - Higher Mentality

Trickshop - JB Bobo - Higher Mentality

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Trickshop - JB Bobo - Higher Mentality

The perfect mind-reading party trick. You arrive at a party and suddenly hear the familiar chorus of "do something!" If you're like most of us, sometimes you're prepared and sometimes you're not. What to do in the latter case? Do Higher Mentality! A favorite mental card effect of school show performer, J.B. Bobo (of Modern Coin Magic fame), Higher Mentality lets you read the mind of not just one spectator - but five with uncanny accuracy! Here's the basic effect. Five spectators are each given a small packet of cards from a freely shuffled pack. Or, if you like, the spectators can take the cards themselves. Each of the spectators is now asked mentally choose one of the cards in his packet and then, to mix the cards so that not even he knows the position of his thought-of card. You now gather up all of the spectators - packets and mix the cards again. Once the cards are well shuffled, you remove a few cards from the group. You hold these up in a small fan - showing the faces to each spectator in turn. As each spectator views the cards, you ask if he sees the card he is thinking of. If he does, you place the cards behind your back and remove one card - placing it face down in front of that spectator. Often, more than one spectator will see his card in the fan. If so, you remove that many cards from behind your back - placing one card face down in front of each spectator who saw his card in the fan. This process is repeated until all five spectators have a face down card in front of them. One by one, each spectator is now asked to name his thought-of card and then, turn over the card you placed in front of him. All match perfectly!

Once you know Higher Mentality, you'll be prepared to do it ON-DEMAND anytime, anywhere - even with borrowed cards.

Consider these key points...

It works with ANY deck - even a borrowed one with cards missing.
There's NO SET-UP or advance preparation required.
The spectators get to handle and SHUFFLE THE CARDS.
Everything CAN BE EXAMINED at the end. There's nothing for anyone to discover.
It's hard to find a more impressive, impromptu mind-reading party trick or one that's easier to do. 9 pages.


"Higher Mentality is a terrific effect! Would make a great FINALE. It is worth ten times the Price. A very cerebral adaptation of the MUTUS NOMEN DEDIT COCIS EFFECT. Had I not read the instructions, it would have fooled me completely! Great effect!"

- Mr Boris V. Camacho-Vega, USA
(Boris Khorvo)

"Just a quick note on Higher Mentality. It is awesome and worth every penny. I teach a couple of college classes and keep the kids entertained by throwing in some magic and mentalism. I did HM, and the response was stunned amazement. The effect appears impossible, plays big (five spectators), and is totally impromptu. Get this trick. Practice it. And amaze their socks off."

- Mr Brian Smith, USA


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