Stop Smoking Mentalism - Close Up Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Mentalism - Close Up Hypnosis

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Stop Smoking Mentalism – Close Up Hypnosis

Author: Dr. Fabio Tabbo

Effect: A spectator is asked to participate in an experiment of stop-smoking hypnosis. She pretends to smoke an imaginary cigarette, and feels as if a real one was being used: she vividly visualizes its gray smoke, smells and tastes the tobacco, feels like coughing, etc… She then brings this invisible cigarette closer to her hand, causing a noticeable warming sensation; and when she finally decides to stub it out on her hand, she feels a sharp burn!

You can present the effect under any conditions: it seems completely impromptu and gimmickless, with the performer away at all times.


No pre-show, no prepping of spectators, no warm-up round (the effect can be used as an opener), no advance work, no preparation of the physical environment, no assistants, obviously no stooges (not even instant stooges); the effect can be presented on the spot for an audience of complete strangers, in virtually any conditions, from intimate performances in your friend’s living room to full stage shows.

  • The participant is in full view at all times, and is never touched by anybody. No marks, no traces left. You start clean and end clean, with hands shown empty before, during and after the effect. No jacket or long sleeves required.
  • No long scripts to memorize, no cheat sheets, no prompters, no convoluted plots.
  • No real cigarette is ever lighted: the effect can be performed in non-smoking environments. A non-smokers version is also included.
  • ALL outs are covered.
  • Can be repeated immediately.

Tons of techniques drawn from the fields of mentalism, hypnosis, magic, psychology, linguistics and NLP have been thoroughly explained and – more importantly – applied to the effect: from adjunctive suggestions to embedded commands, from secret gimmicks to misremembering (an entire chapter called “Thirteen Steps to Misremembering” is devoted to the subject), everything has been included. Independently from your current level of skill or knowledge, this detailed approach will allow you to learn faster and save years of study and experimentation, maximizing the potential of your presentations and making the difference between good effects and MEMORABLE experiences for your audience.

This practical method, coupled with a masterfully-crafted script honed over thousands of performances, will allow you to deliver a fast-paced, audience-centered and “surefire” routine of killer hypnotism.

“I was amazed by the depth and the quality of his thinking… I can’t recall the last time I saw something explained so well, and backed up by such clarity of thought.” 
Michael Ammar 

“I am fascinated with it… I pick it up often and just dive into wherever I open the book, and there is some fascinating reading here. Fabulous.” 
Doc Eason

“The work is not only a complete act, but a unique perspective in audience control, pacing, and staging. I was riveted.”  Marc Salem 

“I was fascinated by the intriguing and well thought-out writing style. Wonderful stuff. Can’t wait for your future endeavors.”   Banachek


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