Stone cold magic by Jeff stone and Friends

Stone cold magic by Jeff stone and Friends

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Stone cold magic by Jeff stone and Friends

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I have been sitting on Jeff Stone's new ebook for a few weeks now. I wanted to have a chance to test out the material before jumping into a review. I feel as though everyone deserves honesty in product reviews, as opposed to positive reviews for a friend regardless of material. I think Jeff is an awesome guy and I know him on a somewhat personal level, but I have not allowed that to cloud the integrity of my review. 

On with the Show! 

That's not a typo. 7 bones for 76 pages of material. Extremely well priced in the competitive market of ebooks. There is a catch 22 however. There are 9 items in the ebook, all of which appear on the Stone Cold Magic dvd. This is a very inexpensive way to decide if this is the type of magic that will appeal to you without having to drop the money on the dvd. Also, this is a super sweet way to supplement the dvd material. I personally prefer to learn from reading, so this is a great way to aid in the learning process. 

The book itself starts with an introduction that was originally in the Stone Cold Magic book (no longer available). Then there is an update as to why the book is no longer available as well as a little bit of history with Jeff and the Stone Cold Magic dvd. Even though the effects are the same as the dvd, there are additional tips for practicing and theory not found on the dvd. I would have paid the 7 dollars for the tips alone. 


The trick section starts off with explanations of a few rudimentary sleights. Pinky break, thumb break, dealers grip and biddle grip are explained. For advanced magicians this might seem like unneeded information. I for one agreed with the inclusion and feel it is a great idea to not assume everyone starts off with Dai Vernon knowledge. 

Ace Bandage: 4 indifferent cards change into the 4 aces as they are pushed through the deck. 

This is an awesome effect that might read fairly standard. It is the subtleties that Jeff has added to show that the indifferent cards are not aces that add to the overall effect. Inspired by an effect of Le Paul. 8/10 

Dethroned: 4 kings are shown and vanish one at a time. They then reappear in a flashy manner. 

This is a nice routine that flows from start to finish. It doesn't have any spectator interaction, so this would be a nice opener for a table hopper. No cards are picked, it is just a solid performance piece. 9/10 

Keep your eye on the Joker: The joker turns into the 4 aces 

This is a nice, quick eye candy effect(pun intended) 4 Aces are cut into the deck and the joker instantly changes into the 4 aces. 8/10 

Stone Cold Color Change: One card changes to another as a fan of cards is passed over it 

This is another fast and visual idea. I don't think I would ever do this by itself, but incorporated into a longer routine it would flow like water. 7/10 

Counterfeit Cards: The spectator is shown a blank deck of cards. One card changes into the Ace of Spades. The ace is then split into 2 seperate cards with part of the ace on each card. Then another Ace of Spades is created, then the entire deck. 

This effect was my favorite on the Stone Cold Magic dvd(see end notes) The thinking behind it is solid and you have an effect that looks like it was done with complex gaffs and it is not. You make all the gaffs yourself(explained) 10/10 

Ace Freely: Ace production 

There is a ton going on in this effect. To much to even begin to explain. There are 5 utility sleights taught in this effect that can be added to your arsenal. The effect itself is smooth and nicely paced. 8/10 

Target Card: A signed selected card disappears from one packet and appears next to another signed selection in a seperate packet. 

This was my second favorite effect off of the dvd. It is totally impropmtu. I actually use this as a follow up to Ken Krenzel's Gun Trick. The two effects together make a nice performance piece with a theme. 10/10 

The Secret WTC move: The Joker is sandwiched between the 2 aces. Instantly it changes into the other 2 aces and the joker is seen under your watch band. 

This is another nice routine that has a good presentation built around it that doesn't involve a ton of spectator interaction. I know I have mentioned that before, but for a restaurant worker, choosing the right effects are important. You don't want to start with a pick a card trick, so this is another awesome opener. 9/10 

My Psychic Deck: 2 cards are chosen from a blue deck. The first is shown to have risen to the top and then is placed aside. The second is found face up in the center. The first selections back is now shown to be red. 

This has a Red Hot Mama feel to it. It is a nice effect for a couple based on the presentation. Another solid effect for table hopping. 7/10 

The last 2 sections are on theory and tips and tricks. This is the section that the people who already have the dvd will probably enjoy most, so I won't spoil them. It is about 10 pages of information that is worth the cost of the e-book. 

End Notes: So I prefaced the review stating that I wanted to test the material out. Halfway through the review, you may have said, "What? He already has the dvd. Wouldn't he be familiar with the material?" Yes and no. I enjoyed Jeff's dvd very much. I used to perform some of the effects in my nightly rotation. I then started working on creating my own effects and using only my own stuff. Not really a purist, but there is always a certain satisfaction showing off your own kids and not someone else's. If that makes any sense. I studied the effects again and reworked them into my performing schedule. I rated them based on audience reaction as well as ease of execution and effect. 

"I wish I had 4 hands, so I could give the E-Book 4 thumbs up." Thank you Rick James. 


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