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Luca Volpe - Emotional Mentalism

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Luca Volpe - Emotional Mentalism



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Stevens Magic is very excited to be working exclusively with Luca Volpe on this book.  We are proud to include him in what we call affectionally the “illumuniati” group of other world reknowned mentalsts we also work exclusively with such as Neil Scryer, Ted K, Bill Montana, Paul Voodini, Joseph Curcillo,

Luca Volpe is considered one of the top Mentalist and Psychic Entertainers in Italy. His works in the mentalism have received impressive accolades and acknowledgements by his peers and have touched thousands of people over his career. As a result he has achieved international success.

Luca Volpe has taken his show around the world, performing on luxury cruise liners, five star hotels and at many corporate functions. Now he brings his work to you…

The famous New York psychic entertainer, Neil Scryer has described Luca Volpe as the “Rembrandt of Mentalism.”

Emotional Mentalism is a collection of works and routines that Luca performs at his famous psychic parties. After five years of shows and private performances around the world he has decided to finally release his best kept secrets.

This book contains routines, psychological subtleties and tips that will emotionally touch your audience keeping your remembered forever.

You will also learn about energy work, crystals and techniques on how to empower your audience. Plus you will find all the secrets from Luca Volpe on how to structure the routines, ideas on how to create more booking and he even includes the complete structure of his business model planning and shows.

This book is a treasure to behold a journey “into a dimension that you would not believe.”

Soft back book, 150 pages.Here is a quote from Neal Scryer:
I am a big fan of Luca’s work, his creations are brilliant. He is one of mentalism’s innovative thinkers.
Luca has stepped out of his boundaries on his latest release in a dimension that you would not believe.
He has created presentations here beyond anyone’s imagination.  Lets just say he has created a masterpiece, the Rembrandt of mentalism.  Neal Scryer

Review from Richard Webster:
I read “Emotional Mentalism” in one sitting, and was so excited I immediately read it again. Luca has written a wonderful book full of fascinating rituals and experiments using color and crystals. Luca explains everything extremely well, and in great detail. It’s obvious that he’s performed everything in the book many times. As well as complete instructions, he provides a complete script for every effect. His presentations are convincing, and technically easy to do. My favorite effects are Crystal Psychometry and The Energy Portal, but over the next few months I’m going to experiment with virtually everything in this book. This book is essential reading for every mystery performer, and everyone who wants to create what Luca calls “unforgettable moments of wonder.” Highly recommended.  - Richard Webster.

Review by Ray Noble

I bought this book a few days ago and just now have had the time to write my thoughts down. The number one thing that jumped out at me while I was reading is that this isn’t mentalism as MOST of us know it. This is mentalism for the psychic world! This book not only touches on psychic work but also gives you the tools necessary to appear as if what you are doing is truly REAL!

The material in this book will make a very mind-blowing impression on those lucky enough to see you perform these routines. Most of the routines in this book involve the use of crystals. The reader is given the basic knowledge of the power and their basic uses. I never knew there was so much to learn about crystals and how much of an influence they have on people.

If you like the psychic side of things along with demonstrating the power of crystals and Chakras then this is a must read. This book is written to make you look, sound and feel like a psychic entertainer. It uses mentalism in a way that makes your routines appear to be more on the psychic side. It blurs the line between mentalism and the psychic world. This is something that I find to be truly enjoyable and VERY engaging.

The very first routine is a Psychometry act that uses crystals, blindfold, five chairs and a singing bowl. This act hit me hard right between the eyes and made me stop and really think about the impact this would have on people. Sure it is a psychometry routine BUT nothing like what you are used to doing! I don’t want to say too much about this because I don’t want others to read about how this looks to the audience. It truly has a LOOK and a FEEL that is guarantee to blow people away!

All I will say about this routine/act is that the people that come on stage to help are NOT asked! They are drawn to the stage! This is 10 out of 10 stars for me!

The 2nd routine once again involves the singing bowl in a very devious way! It is a Q & A act done in a way that is very simple and very believable. The singing of the bowl really enhances the overall impact and gives this routine a very mystical feel and ambiance. I have to stop and say that the first two routines of this book will MAKE you stand apart from EVERYONE and make you MONEY! I am not going to review everything in the book but will touch on a few more items. But just from the opening routines you KNOW that this is a work of prominence.
The 3rd routine is called ‘EMOTIONaL ENERGY’. It combines a sequence attunement, readings and so much more. I wish that I could say more about this but don’t want to give things away. Let’s just say that this will PLAY BIG at a psychic party and get everyone involved. It even lets the host play a MAJOR role as you more or less transfer a little psychic power to her! People that are coming to the psychic party will start to get ready days before because of this simple amazing idea! The host contacts her guesses a few days before the party and mentions to them to do something prior to coming that night. This little idea will peak interest and create a buzz about the upcoming psychic party!

I didn’t realize how this book affected me until I started writing this review. It has made me look at simple ways to turn a mentalism routine into something larger than life. I always loved demonstrating my psychic abilities and this book has given me so much more AUTHORITY in doing so.

As I already stated, this is NOT your everyday mentalism book. It goes beyond and into an area few of us ever enter. I get excited just reading these routines/acts because I know that they will hit hard and make us stand apart from others. And that means more money and gigs!


‘BACK IN TIME’ (Past life regression) is an interesting routine because a person is asked to sit as you guide him back in time to an early prior of their life. Asking a few questions, everyone gets the feel of what he is seeing and experiencing in this past life regression. You are able to see their past and make predictions that are true.
BODY AND SPIRIT HEALING PROGRAMS AND SUGGESTION (BSHPS) is a psychological exercises that will help people heal minor physical and psychological problems. It is a visualization process that can help with small headaches or muscle pains. This is where the crystal wand comes into play and is used. This would fit well in a psychic party and help create a persona unlike any other. Talk about doing it for real! The power of the mind can be very strong if guided correctly!
MCT - The next part of the book deals with how Crystals are used in ‘Medical Crystal Therapy’. If you are going to use crystals than this is a must read part of the book.
SoD - The next routine is Luca’s famous ‘Stone of Destiny’. It is a Which Hand routine that plays very well. From there you will find a routine by Scott Grossberg titled, ‘FINDINGS’. This is followed by Bryn Raynolds’ ‘BOTH.’ I don’t need to say anything about these two routines because I am sure you know about these fine gentlemen and their work. Top notch!
ASTRAL PROJECTION had me laughing to myself because it is such a simple routine. It is an old idea with new makeup and a new dress. After a little hypnotic suggestion the person leaves their physical body and once they return give you information that they could ONLY have acquire if they REALLY did have an ASTRAL PROJECTION! This act will simply shock those that are watching!


In Luca’s ‘The Book of Dreams’ you predict what a person will dream over the next few days.
‘THE PORTAL’ is a method to allow everyone in attendance to leave the program empowered and feeling positive. This is a great way to conclude your program!
‘PENDULUM PSYCHIC BABY’ by Pablo Amirà is included and is a clever way to connect with a person. I can’t really say much about this without giving the routine away.
‘SYNCHRONISTIC DREAMS’ by Neal Scryer is also included and if you have either the Black or White book, then you know how his routines and tips play!

Luca has given us his FULL structure on his Psychic Parties Shows. I have done physic parties before but NEVER like THIS!After reading this book, I REALLY want a singing bowl and a Crystal wand!!!!!!!!! …. This is all I will say about Luca’s Psychic Parties.

After reading this book you will be able to touch your audience emotionally and contribute more meaning to your performance and overall character. I enjoy doing this type of entertainment and find great value and merit in this book. This may not be for everyone but you won’t know unless you take a bite! - Ray Noble

Kenton Knepper on my book “Emotional Mentalism”:

“There are many reasons why I am proud to call Luca Volpe one of my true Students. In Emotional Mentalism you will discover these reasons for yourself. This is a book of powerful mentalism and even ceremonial, healing, magic. Be warned however. If you wish to be perceived a mere trickster, this work is not for you. If you wish to be part of the new renaissance of realistic mentalism which touches people as well as potentially betters their life experience, then you should rush to get this book. You will see that Luca has effectively channeled my own spirit as well as imbued this book with his own special energy. If you are a cynic, skip this work. If you want to embody the very essence of realistic mentalism, Emotional Mentalism is an absolute MUST.” - Kenton Knepper

Quote from Dr. Spektor (Magic Cafe)

I’ve finished reading this wonderful treatise and agree its a gem (pun intended for crystal lovers). Seriously, this is more than the usual run of the mill mentalism – this treads in the Zone of the spiritual realms – and can be devastatingly powerful… There are classic mentalism techniques to make things work but you can see that many of the routines don’t really need them and you can get into the mystical imagination side to make things really rock.

My favorite is the sounds of dreams with the Tibetan singing bowls…. Mostly because it’s really neat title, concept and easy to do – but think how captive it is to hear the sound of dreams…. As Riggs would likely say – there is messiah process elements throughout this book.

I’ll likely adapt many routines into a psychological framework to fit my style – but those who like going out as a shamanistic energy worker type will find this will fit your character without any major mods at all!,

This book is full of great ideas and Luca has gotten some major heavy hitters in our community to throw in nuances and routines…

I recall the stones of destiny as Luca sent me it last year as part of a carcosa contest (hope you like the mummy cards still Luca ). But I didn’t suspect Luca had this whole side of the mystical mentalist – keep it coming!

As someone who usually uses dream motifs a lot for my bizarro routine, I salute my fellow dreamscaper on this wonderful book of insights, innovations and inspirations… Heck, I got to go buy a Big Tibetan Bowl ASAP!



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