Jon Tremaine - Close-Up Mental Act

Jon Tremaine - Close-Up Mental Act

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Get ready to learn the secrets and subtleties of modern, sophisticated Mental Magic.

Jon Tremaine's World-Class Mental Act has taken him around the world many times with nothing more than a few pencils, some paper and a deck of cards. It's all in the presentation.

Among the fourteen astounding mental effects, you'll learn:

The Age Of Woman - The performer correctly divines the age of a spectator, even when she deliberately thinks of a different age.

The Invisible Book - A book test with no book. The spectator merely imagines a word on the page of an imaginary book, yet the performer correctly reveals it.

Round The Clock - The classic clock card effect is taken to new dimensions with a smashing new climax.

Where In The World? - The performer divines a spectator's free selection of any geographic location in the world.

Extra-Sensory Perception - The performer matches a spectator's free choice of ESP cards card for card. A superb version of Hen Fetsch's classic 'Symbologic.'

Questions And Answers - The classic stage Q & A Act done for a parlor audience. The performer seemingly plucks thoughts from the minds of his spectators.

The Invisible Pack And Pen - A spectator not only chooses a card from an imaginary deck of cards but boldly marks it with an imaginary marking pen. A real deck is produced and the only card emblazoned with an 'X' is the freely thought-of selection.

The Impossible Card Routine - The performer divines four glimpsed cards with absolutely no fishing. A reputation-making effect.

Too Hot To Handle - An age-old trick made new again. At the performer's suggestion, a piece of rolled-up tinfoil becomes too hot for the spectator to hold.

Time Travel - The performer correctly predicts the time someone freely sets their wristwatch to.

The Mind Boggler - In a straight-forward demonstration of second sight, the performer pulls several personal pieces of information seemingly straight from the minds of his spectators.

Out Of This World Tremaine-Style - the Paul Curry classic as a convincing demonstration of precognition.

The Key - Shades of Uri Geller. The performer bends a spectator's key with just the power of his mind.

The Crystal Ball - A superb closing routine as the performer winds up his show by plucking thoughts from the minds of two spectators with the use of a crystal ball.

Additional Sections - The Dos and Don'ts of Mental Magic and details on the Tremaine Prop Box for mentalists


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