InTunes by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

InTunes by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

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InTunes by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

InTunes is an amazing demonstration that you can perform just with a borrowed, unprepared Smartphone! (Android or iPhone)

Imagine taking ANY Smartphone and proceeds to give a character reading of its owner using the songs, artists or albums list contained on the device.

Then, a random title from the list is chosen by the participant and the performer names it successfully, based on the participant´s personality.

  • InTunes allows complete freedom of handling. 
  • The participant actually holds his or her own phone while making the selection.
  • At no time is the smartphone prevented from functioning completely normally.
  • Works with any smartphone regardless of model or iOS
  • No noise or light issues (or lack of).
  • The routine perfectly justifies the performer taking the device from the spectator, only to return it a few moments later.

Fully scripted, InTunes WILL be your next effect using someone´s smartphone.

What people are saying:

"The effect works exactly as described and fools everyone. It’s a very intelligent and clever idea that can be done immediately after reading the e-book. I've never seen something similar like this before. The effect is definitely worth the price and I'm pretty sure, that everyone that gets this will be very satisfied and happy with the purchase. This is a perfect mentalism effect for impromptu, because you can do it with the spectator’s Phone. The best with this method is that there is no app in play. Just use the iPhone from the spectator and you're instantly ready to perform." -Rasmus

"Dan Ghost has made reading minds as easy as it can get! With nothing but the spectators iPhone and the spectators mind, you are able to perform impromptu miracles that only a real psychic could do! No difficult moves! Their iPhone! No apps! Just 100% pure commercial mentalism! Did i mention it uses THEIR Phone?" -Art Vanderlay

"This is the PERFECT routine to use any Barnum statements with. I JUST read this and ran through it on my iPhone. It's very simple in execution and it works perfectly. This reminds me of "curveball" but with an iPhone. However, this is definitely something that I like a LOT more than curveball. I thought that this may be similar to fate by G Clarke but its nothing like that at all which is a nice surprise. This is much simpler to perform and a lot easier to remember. I will definitely be giving this a try extremely soon. (As in, the moment I see someone with an iPhone out)." -Madison Hagler


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