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Docc Hilford - Echo Murder By Design

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Docc Hilford - Echo Murder By Design

In 2011 Docc Hilford released a limited number of his eBook, ECHO - Murder by Design. Those who have performed this routine have declared it a complete show in a smart easy to do routine. ECHO - Murder by Design is performed with only a few billets and a clever ruse. The full routine can be performed anywhere.

The 107 page manuscript is transcribed from an actual performance, so you learn exactly what to say and how to say it. Every detail of performance and handling is explored. The primary routine demonstrates several psychic talents that will leave your audience stunned.

Imagine an easy to do act that displays your powers of mind reading, pseudo muscle reading and a design duplication all in a single routine.

Each one of those psychic gifts are usually demonstrated by separate effects, but ECHO - Murder by Design hits your audience hard and fast and leaves them believers!

But this amazing routine can also be shown as a Q&A based on the new concept of Graphic Cold Reading. A technique you can learn with ECHO - Murder by Design’s step-by-step practice exercises.

Graphic Cold Reading is new and has remained a guarded secret of all those who have been fortunate enough to have learned it. Now, you too can look at a person’s simple drawing and tell stunningly accurate facts about them.

There are other essays in the manuscript you’ll find invaluable.

Subjects such as

•  revealing unknown zodiac signs,

•  how to sell readings in night clubs

•  techniques to control your audience through compliance

Each of these related topics are explored in some detail.

ECHO - Murder by Design is a routine that’s truly a reputation maker.

As a bonus, you’ll learn how to do a complete Q&A act with the tick sheets from the infamous System 88. You’re almost guaranteed to make a living with this act alone!

In the ECHO & The Baillie Addendum Pro Package you’ll receive second completely original routine, The Baillie Addendum.

This audience tested act applies a basic gambit from ECHO to create a totally new and different routine. The effect is rough;y based on an effect describe by the late Ron Baillie. The new and original routine is designed for performances in homes and private functions. Ask any semi-professional mentalist, routines like this are worth their weight in gold.

The Baillie Addendum allows anyone to write any thought on a card. The card is folded, stapled several times by the participant and hidden somewhere that the audience decides.

You are taken out of the room before the group decides where to hide the stapled billet, and hides it while you’re being watched.

When you re-enter to room, you take the arm of anyone present and use REAL muscle reading to find the hidden object.

HERE’S THE BEST PART… You don’t have to have any experience with muscle reading to find the object! And every time to do the trick, the better you get at it.


After the billet found, you reveal the secret thought. That alone is the premiss of many mentalism effects, but here it’s a part of a complete routine.

Last, although everyone present suggested a hiding place, with out any questions, you can identify who finally selected the hiding place, their name and personal details about the participant!

It’s really remarkable.

No other props or devices – you already know!

This is as close to real psychic ability as any method can give you.

And it’s performed with a few slips of paper and what you learn in the ECHO manuscript.

The Baillie Addendum is a 2 hour audio MP3 file, so you can listen to all the details as you drive or do other things.

It’s an easy-to -earn format.

AND – you’ll get a the scripted opening that sets up the audience for the routine. Syl Reilly said that the opening remarks are what set the audience’s mind for your success. You’ll have Docc’s complete opening.

The assist in your understanding of the FAILURE-FREE muscle reading, you’ll receive  a FREE copy of Practical Mind Reading – a course on muscle reading by William Walker Atkinson


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