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Daniel Madison - Outlaw


This is Daniel Madison’s Outlaw. The instant download PDF teaches the basic Outlaw effect as well as eight variations each of which I will describe.

Outlaw Prediction- The magician writes a prediction on the back of a playing card on top of the deck. The spectator is asked to name any card in the deck. The magician turns the deck face up, spreads through the deck and removes the named card. Then the deck is turned back face down to show that the prediction matches exactly.

This is the basic Outlaw effect. I personally love it. For the effect all you need is a deck of cards and a marker. There is some pretty extensive set up but you only have to do it once, and it’s the same for all the variations. There is also a bit of memorization involved but is not at all difficult to remember. After you first finish the set up you will probably think, “How could I ever hide this?” but do not fret; when you try to handle the deck you will be surprised how easy and effortless it is to disguise the set up. The handling is very simple and concise; no unneeded moves at all. The effect only utilizes one fairly common easy sleight but he uses it in a way I’ve never seen done before; Daniel Madison is truly a genius. There is really only one part of the effect that has any angle trouble at all, but the spectator would have to go out of their way to have the move exposed.

Blatant Outlaw– The magician says that he will try to force the spectator to name a particular card. The spectator names a card and the magician admits that the card they named was not the card he was trying to force. He then tells the spectator what card he was trying to force while spreading through the deck in search of their named card. The card is removed and the card the magician stated previously is written on the back.

ZERO sleight of hand! This variation is perfect if you don’t feel competent with the sleight involved (which really wouldn’t give you any difficulty unless you were a complete novice.) This effect isn’t as strong as the first but it definitely is not a “bad” effect; it just isn’t as effective as the first. I think part of that is because there isn’t any justification for the card written on the back of the named card. There really isn’t much to say about the angles considering there aren’t any due to the fact that there are no moves!

Outlaw- The magician states that he has a prediction in his back pocket and is going to try to force the spectator to name that one card that is not in the deck. A card is named by the spectator and the magician spreads through the deck and unfortunately the card is found to still be in the deck. The magician pulls the card from his pocket to show that written on the back is the card the spectator named.

I love this variation, I use this one the most out of the nine explained. Just like the previous variations, there are no unneeded or fishy looking actions. This effect uses the same sleight as the first effect as well as one other that could be considered by some to make the effect more difficult than Outlaw Prediction, but this really depends on how good you are at performing the sleight. Because of the other sleight used, you have to be a little bit more cautious of your angles. I think this is my favorite of all the Outlaw effects.

Outlaw Trip– A spectator is asked to name a card which is written down on a piece of paper. The magician then names a random card and that card is too written down on the paper. A second spectator names a card and the magician spreads through the deck and out jogs it. The card is turned over to reveal the first named card written on the back. The card is placed on the table and the magician makes any magical gesture that he wants and the face of the card is revealed to be the second spectator’s named card.

This is my second favorite effect in the PDF. This effect uses a sleight that Daniel has dubbed the One Eighty Placement which is really just another way of using the sleight used in the other Outlaw variations but in a different part of the deck; it’s hard to explain more clearly without exposing. This effect just like many of the other Outlaw variations isn’t really difficult as long as you have mastered the few sleights involved. Because this effect is very similar to the handling of the other effects there isn’t really any need to explain the angles again because they are the same. This is definitely an effect worth your time.

Outlaw vs. Swami– The magician writes a prediction on a piece of paper. The spectator is asked to name a card. The prediction is revealed to be wrong, but the magician spreads through the deck and removes the predicted card. The back is shown to have the named card written on the back.

This variation uses a common mentalism gimmick which you could probably figure out by the title of the effect. I have never performed this effect simply because I do not own the gimmick. This effect like Blatant Outlaw doesn’t require any sleight of hand. Once again the handling is very similar to the other effects so there isn’t much else to explain.

Invisible Outlaw- The magician displays two decks of cards and gives the spectator one to hold. He says he has a face down card in the deck as a prediction. The spectator is asked to name a card and the magician spreads through the deck and turns the face down prediction face up. The prediction is shown to be incorrect but the magician asks the spectator to spread through their cards and take out the one they named. The predicted card is written on the back.

This variation like Outlaw vs. Swami uses a gimmick which to almost all of you will be obvious because of the title. I personally would recommend against performing this effect because both decks you are using are gimmicked and the spectators will most likely want to examine them. Although with both decks you can show them to be normal the spectators still might want to look at the cards themselves. This effect also doesn’t require any sleight of hand.

Outlaw Associate, Outlaw Disassociate, Double Crossed Outlaw- I have decided not to explain these three effects because these particular effects use the Outlaw deck in a way that exposes the secret to the previous six effects. That said, obviously I would not recommend performing one of those six effects and follow it with Outlaw Associate, Outlaw Disassociate or Double Crossed Outlaw.

The PDF- The PDF files is 440 kilobytes in size which is less that half of a megabyte. The dimensions of the pages are 11.69 inches by 8.27 inches. 15 pages total; 6 color photographs labeled Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 etc. The PDF is not password protected unlike his other PDF’s so you are able to edit and print the document if you wish. I have the same complaint about Outlaw as I did One which are the minor typos; I’m really, really OCD about it but it probably won’t bother you guys as much.

Conclusion– I would highly recommend this product to anybody. It’s only 5 British Pounds (GBP) which is a little less than ten dollars and you learn so much. You learn the basic Outlaw effect with eight variations, most of which are very easy to accomplish, are practical, and of course are hard-hitting. Overall I give Outlaw an 8.5 out of 10. I took one point off because you cannot hand out the card for examination in the end of Outlaw Associate and Outlaw Disassociate; and I took another half point off because the spectator cannot examine the deck in any of the effects except Double Crossed Outlaw. You might think that because you cannot hand out the deck that the effect is not worth performing, but Daniel explains some very convincing ways to show the deck as normal. Thanks for reading!


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