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Curtis Kam - The Rat Pack

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Curtis Kam - The Rat Pack


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The Rat Packis more than a card trick, it's a pain-defying test of your speed, skill and nerve. TheS.A.T.for indoor daredevils. Ed Marlo on "Fear Factor". It's a sensational feat of card magic only attempted by the very best...or the very stupid.

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The plot is a familiar one - the chosen signed card is lost in the deck and the magician offers to find it. But this time, something is very different. This time, the audience sits on the edges of their seats, eyes riveted on the deck, inescapably bound by the tension in the air. Nobody talks, nobody breathes, until the performer succeeds, or doesn't.

What makes this card trick so gripping? As the realtors say; "location, location, location". In this case, the location of the deck.
You see, the deck is sitting in afully armedRat Trap. Just like the ones from the hardware store - because It is one from a hardware store! And, as everyone in the room knows, one false move and a solid steel bar crushes anything between it and the deck of cards. Faster than the eye can follow. Inapproximately.047 seconds! (in case you're interested)
Against those odds, the magician claims he can, with just one hand, riffle quickly through the deck, locate the chosen card, and remove it, all before the killing bar of the trap brings a premature end to the evening's entertainment.
Make no mistake. The selected card reallyisin the deck, and you reallydopull it out just before the killing bar smashes everything else.This part is not a trick.

It's a simple stunt performed under high pressure. No acting ability required here. The tension is real because the dramaisreal, asisthe potential for injury.
The rat trap used is almost exactly the way it comes from the store. In fact, wedo notinclude one with the DVD, as it would just raise the cost of the effect. You are shown a simple alteration that makes the trapextremelysensitive to any movement of the cards.
There are no gimmicks. No shells, magnets, threads, or subtle verbal manipulation techniques involved. But, there is alsono guaranteefor your safety - ordinary rat traps do not come with such a guarantee, sorry.
  • If loud sudden noises frighten you, you are not going to like the audience reaction. They will appreciate the very real danger you're facing, and repay you in the end.
  • If you do trade shows, this effect is simple, yet stupidly spectacular enough to stop traffic.
  • If you do corporate speaking, you'll find you have everyone's complete attention just before you reach into the trap - it's message time.
  • If you perform on the street, this effect guarantees you'll gather a crowd.
  • Those of you who work behind a bar or in night clubs already recognize the potential here. - Great for tough crowds - nobody heckles The Rat Pack.
  • And yes, it's completely examinable and you can perform this bad boy close-up and surrounded!

So, the only real question left here is: -Are you a man or a mouse?


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