Ben Cardall - Ben-Zine(1-3)

Ben Cardall - Ben-Zine(1-3)

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Ben Cardall - Ben-Zine(1-3)


BEN-ZINE Vol.1 by Ben Cardall

Remake Catch
Making a deck of cards do as you please with the greatest of ease

Talking Tricks
Cool, commercial card magic with a kick in the face ending

Four Wizards Only
Very visual card magic with a kicker that hurts

A signed prediction and a signed card morph together in the strangest way, at one point the prediction ends up on the magicians tongue.

The Vampire Deck
The magician buites through the deck to the signed selection,That he has at no point touched, then restores the deck back to its original state and everything is examinable at every stage.

Bold Control 1
An instant card relocation to either the top or the bottom of the deck.

Bold Control 2
A card relocation to the topof the deck, a different version of Daniel Garcia’s wonderful ego slip control.

Tric-Tac Coins
3 marked coins penetrate an examined tic tac box

Mulit Vanish, Silently
3 marked coins vanish completely, and with out a signle decibel of noise

Visceral Change
From 2 empty hands a coin just changes

Coin Tear
A twist on coin splitting, instead of splitting why not literally tear 1 coin into 2.

Holy Crap!
My handling for the indian bean mystery, 4 tic tacs in 4 holes. The last one not only hurts their stomachs but their minds too.

Poor Man’s Sunglasses
The perfect way to finish off Paul Harris’ Nightshades. By pulling the drawing off the bill completely and turning them into an actual pair of sunglasses.

A borrowed mobile phone penetrates a borrowed, signed tube of pringles.

A theory on the art of pickpocketing that has allowed me to do some very difficult steals in a bold yet simple and natural way.

BEN-ZINE Vol.2 by Ben Cardall

A thought of card appears between 2 cards on the table

A cheeky handling for the blackpool effect, with a kicker ending.

The spectator chooses, signs and shuffles their own card back into the pack.They cover your eyes and you ask them to think stop the next time they see their card and you find it every time. Can be done with as many cards as you please.

Watch This
I cant really shorthen this one down enough. Help me please?

A convincing display of your linguistic powers. Change a spectators thoughts into whatever card you wish. Definitely boggling.

Muscle Destruction
A completely psychological script to remove a spectators strength and have it return whenever you choose. And best of all, no-one gets picked up.

A memorised deck routine with a borrowed deck,You then seemingly give your amazing memory skills to a spectator.

You Name the Coin and the Place
A prediction is placed on the table, you borrow some change, and you have perfectly predicted what coin the spectator will choose, whether or not it will land heads or tails side up, and up and its date. Works every time.

A freely selected pen is perfectly predicted everytime. A lovely little opener.

BEN-ZINE Vol.3 by Ben Cardall

The mentalist displays 4 boxes on stage and pulls up a lady who is admittedly afraid of snakes. The mentalist announces that there is a snake inside one of them.

She is offered cash to place her hand inside 3 and it is the job of the mentalist to use his skills to influence her to choose the empty ones, if by some misfortune she places her hand inside the one with snake inside then she can keep the money.

Needless to say she voluntarily and freely chooses to place her hand inside the three empty boxes, and in the end a snake is removed from the one box left and the others are shown empty.

The addendum to the manuscript details how to remove the spectators phobia on stage, completely! very very powerful stuff!



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